Smoky Jalapeno

Smoky Jalapeno

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Smoky Jalapeno is one of the most full-flavored cheeses to exit our test cave. Akin to a smoked gouda with a kiss of heat, this cheese is sharp, loud, and your new best friend. Each taste is caressed by an unassertive hint of mesquite smoke, polishing our unique aged flavor profile to a new shine. We're eating it on everything. Sliced on sandwiches, shredded on nachos, melted smoky jalapeno mac, we just can't stop. We won't stop. 

Our complex flavor profile is produced from our culturing process, which is similar to dairy cheesemaking: the UnMoo crew works in small batches to culture fairly traded cashews and age them until fully flavored and delicious to eat.  

Flavor profile: smoky with mild jalapeno. Sharp, buttery, lactic, creamy. Aromas and flavors are more assertive when cheese is melted. 

Base: Cashews sourced from a specific region in India. 

Ingredients: cultured cashew cream (water, fairly traded cashews, cultures), coconut oil, tapioca starch, carrageenan (an extract of seaweed), fresh jalapenos, himalayan pink salt, sunflower lecithin, yeast extract, annatto extract, smoke extract, lactic acid (from beet sugar).